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Profit from the Core: Growth Strategy in an Era of Turbulence
Financial Executive 05/01/01
by Jeffrey Marshall

Well-crafted and lucidly written, Profit from the Core is evidence that a book doesn't have to be a tome tc carry weight. The authors, both fron consulting experts Bain & Co. (though Allen has since left to head a venture capital firm), argue that fully 90 percent of companies around the world failed to deliver sustained, profitable growth during the 1990s. The chief problem, they argue, was that companies diversified from their core businesses.

Drawing from hundreds of interviews, the authors key in on three factors that they say distinguish successful growth strategies from other that fail: 1) reaching full potential in the core business; 2) expanding intc logical adjacent businesses surround ing that core; 3) preemptively redefining the core business in response to market turbulence.

Examples are well-chosen, and the book's charts and tables are simple and readily comprehensible. Profit from the Core has an important message for senior managers, and delivers it very efficiently.
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